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Berlin Motors has been a leading company in Germany since 2009 in the field of importing vehicles, shipping removal goods, TÜV retrofitting and acceptance of all brands. The conversion is only carried out professionally by master workshops of Berlin Motors and their partners in Berlin and Holland.

Our customers include well-known German car dealerships, importers, forwarding agents, the Federal Foreign Office, diplomats, US soldiers, the German armed forces and private individuals. We offer small and large companies special conditions for the export and re-import of their vehicles.

TÜV conversion and homologation explained

In order to register vehicles from abroad (third country) in Germany, a technical conversion and a full acceptance according to §21 StVZO is necessary. The full acceptance according to §21 is to be applied to all vehicles that have already been registered and are therefore no longer new vehicles. Vehicles that are not intended for the European market do not have a type approval and cannot easily be registered in Germany.
An application for an operating permit must therefore be made at the licensing authority. At the same time as the application is submitted, the report of an officially recognized expert must be submitted. This report contains a very extensive and precise description of the vehicle’s technology. The report must contain a technical description of the vehicle to the same extent that is required for the issue of the vehicle registration certificate. This means that a large number of individual reports have to be drawn up, which, among other things, relate to the exhaust gas behavior, the braking performance, the operating noises (stationary and driving noises), the lighting technology and the electromagnetic compatibility. A data sheet is then created from all of these individual reports / certificates, which forms the general basis for the acceptance. If the vehicle does not comply with the applicable regulations, additional exemption permits must be applied for.

I. The following technical modifications must always be carried out

– White parking light (orange parking light no longer permitted)
– Orange indicators (red indicators are not permitted from model year 81)
– Rear fog light with control switch in the driver’s field of vision
– Replacement of the main headlights if the E-marking is missing or
– Evidence from a lighting expert opinion
– In the case of xenon main headlights, retrofitting a headlight cleaning system and, in some cases, headlight range adjustment is mandatory.
– Drive in the chassis number on the passenger side (front carrier)

II. Which reports / certificates are generally required?

– Emission report (tested according to Directive 70/220 / EEC or Regulation (EU) 715/2007 in the respectively valid versions)
– Technical lighting report for lighting equipment without an E-mark (Report from the accredited lighting laboratory)
– EMC certificate (electromagnetic compatibility) from year of construction 2002 (tested according to guideline 72/245 in the currently valid version)
– Brake report (checked according to 71/320 / EEC or VdTÜV Merkbl. 754 in conjunction with §41 StVZO)
– Noise reports (tested according to Directive 70/157 / EEC in the currently valid version)
– Performance / maximum speed / dimensions / weights / tires

Household Goods:

Berlin Motors is specialized in vehicles that are being re-imported to Germany when you are moving back toi Germany from abroad.

We offer upfront competent advice and can give you in advance in most cases a fixed price for the conversion of your vehicle.

Requirements to import a vehicle duty and tax-free to Germany:

  • You have lived abroad for at least 1 year.
  • The vehicle must have been registered for at least 6 months in your name.

VIP Car Check & Inspection Services

Buy vehicles online securely with our VIP Car Check – Berlin Motors can arrange for onsite inspections within the United States, Canada, and Dubai to give you an independent second opinion, and verify if the car is as described by the seller.

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The Berlin Motors complete service:

  • TÜV / Homologation Conversion
    All brands
  • US Car Database / Datasheet
    All datasheets for import vehicles are collected in house
  • Homologations
    Specialized in the conversion and acceptance according to §21 StVZO
  • Special Report
    We can obtain special permits, if necessary for almost all vehicles
  • Full report & TÜV approval
    Berlin or Holland
  • Oldtimergutachten
    §23 in accordance with StVZO
  • US Car Service
  • US Approvals
  • Classic Car H Approval
  • Appraisal
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Vehicle Delivery
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