We offer full service USA vehicle purchase services, specializing on car imports to Europe, Middle East, China, Australia and other destinations around the world with offices in Germany and the USA.

Ebay, Dealer or Private Seller Car Buying, Vehicle Transport & Shipping Services

Full-Service Car Buying

Get your dream car or motorcycle with us on fixed terms by either using our trusted escrow service or buy it on your own and we’ll handle the logistic part for you by shipping the car to your home port or door.

Car Search Help & Online Auction Service

We can also search for the right vehicle for your needs and buy it directly from the owners, banks, insurance companies, foreclosures, police auctions, eBay and merchant direct auctions in Germany, USA & Canada for you at a flat rate.

How does it work?

Once we have located a suitable vehicle or motorcycle for you, we will contact you shortly. After consulting with you, we then make an offer at the auction for you or negotiate for the best price with dealers or private sellers. Our convenient vehicle transport & shipping services will make the car buying process easy and fast.

Car Transport & Logistics

We can arrange for shipping on every car we buy anywhere in the USA. Daily departures from Miami, Houston, NY, Los Angeles & San Francisco.

Global Car Buying & Shipping

We arrange for shipping anywhere on every car we buy from private sellers, merchants & auctions. Special Flat Rate Direct Buy / Purchase $500.

US Auto Auction & eBay Buying

We’ll bid on your behalf for immediate car buying or reservations. Flat rate: $350 / Local assessment + purchase: $850.

VIP Car Check Service

Vehicle inspections start at $199. We also offer TÜV / Homologation, Retrofitting & Compliance in Berlin & Bremen for all vehicle brands.

Car Shipping to Dubai

As an authorized vehicle dealer and exporter, we will help our clients buying and importing automobiles to Dubai and everywhere in the globe.

Car Shipping to Germany

We can assist you with every step of the buying process, and arrange to ship your car from the US or any location worldwide to Germany.

Car Shipping to Holland

Berlin Motors is a licensed car dealer and exporter assisting customers buying & importing vehicles to Holland and all over the world.


You have found your dream car and would like to place a bid on a vehicle on various auction sites such as eBay, uShip, dealers or private individuals.

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    No problem. Click “GET A QUOTE” anywhere on our website. Within a few hours we will contact you and help you simplify the procedure and terms of payment for an eBay auction or private sellers and send you a complete quote for the desired vehicle including our commission, transport import duties and TÜV compliance when applicable.
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    Upon acceptance, we require your consent via email or fax and a deposit to secure your vehicle to our German or US account (We also accept PayPal, debit or credit card).
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    Berlin Motors buys or reserves the vehicle at the auction. We have over 263 successful sales transactions on eBay with 100% positive feedback. Every day, we buy several vehicles on the US market for individuals and car dealers in Germany.
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    We buy vehicles in United States Dealers and Auctions for you at a pre-agreed flat rate. We also offer full-service vehicle transport & shipping services to many worldwide destinations.

CAREFREE IMPORT – One Stop Complete Vehicle Import Services

Berlin Motors is based in the US and Germany. You can reach us at +0049-30-743 02 710.

Need a quote fast?

Quotes for Ebay, dealer or private seller car buying, escrow services, car transport & shipping services are just a click away, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

If you have questions, give us call:

+0049-30-743 02 710



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    Vehicle Search Assistance – We’ll help you with your vehicle search on eBay, dealer auctions and other search engines in the United States. (Non-binding, you can make your own suggestions or use our search help from selected distributors and platforms for the US market.)
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    Free Quotes – Once you find a vehicle you’re interested in, contact us for a free estimate with no obligation to the seller.
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    Car History Verification – We check the seller and the vehicle using the vehicle identification number and provide you with a free CarFax or Auto Check History Report.
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    Background Report Help – Berlin Motors will go through the existing Auto Check or History Report with you, helping you buy with confidence.
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    Vehicle Inspection – We can request a US Local inspection on your behalf, or you can take advantage of our VIP Local Car Check Service.
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    eBay Buying Service – We provide you with the eBay purchase and sale at an agreed maximum amount with you. (We have a 100% Positive feedback rating on eBay with hundreds of successful purchases, on top of 41,000 + likes and reviews from actual customers on Facebook.)
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    Stress-free Car Buying – We take over the complete purchase process for you from A-Z, offering professional escrow services, as well as vehicle transport & shipping services.
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    Easy Car Shipping – We arrange inland transport within the US to the nearest port. Again, we do not leave anything to chance. We are a licensed and insured transportation broker in the states, transporting only with selected shippers that meet our high standards.
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    Vehicle Import Processing – Take the guesswork out of importing a vehicle. We do all the paperwork with the US Customs for you.
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    Photo Documentation – You’ll receive pictures of the vehicle at the terminal at receiving, showing the vehicle’s condition upon arrival.
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    Enclosed Container Shipping – We can coordinate the loading of the vehicle into a shipping container for worldwide transport.
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    Online Tracking – Keep track of your vehicle once purchased. You will receive a tracking number to keep track of your vehicle when shipped.
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    International Vehicle Shipping – We coordinate unloading and customs clearance at destination. In Germany, for example, all services are performed by the same company, no agent or other representatives to deal with.

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    Door to Door Vehicle Shipping – We’ll coordinate the transport within Germany and Europe to your door if door service is requested.
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    Vehicle Homologation – We provide, on request, the conversion for MOT full acceptance including all necessary reports. (Also H indicator).
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    German Vehicle Transport & Shipping Services – We can provide additional transport or transfer within Germany. Alternatively, you can pick up the vehicle at our offices in Berlin.


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    Select one of our convenient service options. We also deal with individual requests for transport, contract processing, eBay settlement or even contact the seller on your behalf here in the United States.
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    Browse eBay, AutoTrader, Cars.com or through one of the sellers in our Resources page to get a feeling for the US auto supply market. We are happy to take over the search for you. Simply fill out the request form.
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    Found the vehicle of your dreams or have a car buying and shipping question? We offer expert Vehicle Transport & Shipping Services. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.
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    You’ll get a complete quote or answer to any questions within 24 hours.

Ebay, Dealer or Private Seller Car Buying, Escrow Services, Car Transport & Shipping