US Auto Auction
& Ebay Motors Buying Services

With Berlin Motors, you have access to thousands of vehicles that are offered daily in the United States for sale at auctions. We work together with private buyers, car dealers, brokers and firms seeking to acquire cars from auctions in the United States. Our customers buy through us first hand and not over a broker or middleman.

Berlin Motors US Auto Auction & Ebay Buying Services include the following auctions:

We offer offer a variety of services for eBay Motors buyers, including vehicle escrow and auto transportation.

We can place a bid on a vehicle on various auction sites, and arrange for transportation of your purchased vehicle.

Getting Started

  1. Please request a quote online or by phone. Your request for US auto auction & Ebay buying services will be processed within 1 business day.
  2. We will contact you and begin discussing the purchasing process. Once you have selected your package and desired vehicle, we will research your purchase options.
  3. Once all questions have been resolved and payment arrangements made, we’ll create a preliminary order and then we are ready to take action immediately.

Contact us online or give us a call to get started or find out more about our US Auction Buying Services.

Upon purchase, Berlin Motors then assists with complete transportation of your vehicle to anywhere in the world – including a complete package with TÜV for Germany directly on premises in our partner terminal in Bremen, where the autos get unloaded, eliminating costly transportation costs to mechanics. Of course, for all autos heading into the Berlin region we continue to offer TÜV service directly in Berlin.

Volume discounts with transportation companies offer us the opportunity to offer our customers the most competitive transportation rates. We can also provide storage at one of many locations in Miami, Los Angeles and Oakland until your vehicle is ready to be shipped. We also offer storage and shipping services internationally in Bremen and Dubai.

Need a quote fast?

Quotes for Ebay, dealer or private seller car buying, escrow services, car transport & shipping services are just a click away, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

If you have questions, give us call:

+0049-30-743 02 710


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of vehicles are for sale at auction?

  • Demo Vehicles
  • Used Cars
  • Leasing vehicles
  • Surplus vehicles
  • New vehicles
  • Trade-ins
  • Insurance and banks owned
  • Repos

What’s the average cost to be expected when buying a car at auction?

Vehicle Listing Price (Tax Free)

+ Auction Fee $250 – 350

+ Berlin Motors Flat Rate $350 – $ 500

+ Any Transportation Fees

+ Shipping and Documentation Fees

+ Customs Clearance at Destination

+ Vehicle Preparation $250


Optional: Inspection $250 – $300

 We also offer our “Door to Door” service with TÜV – acceptance at an additional cost.

What are your payment terms?

The auction house requires all vehicles to be paid within 3 business days. We therefore require a deposit amounting to 10% of the maximum rate which you are willing to bid. Deposit can be optionally placed on our US or German account.

Balance by successful bids must be received within 2 business days after auction ends.

What are your US auto auctions buying fees?

This is the cheapest way to buy vehicles in the US and we are working with this concept with retail customers and dealers from around the world.

Our Fees: $350 – $500 depending on the purchase price and how many vehicles you buy.

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