CAR SHIPPING TO Bahrain - We'll arrange to ship your car from the US to Bahrain or any location worldwide.

With strategic headquarters in Berlin, Germany & Fort Lauderdale, USA Berlin Motors is a leading International Auto Logistics Service Provider. We offer unrivaled car buying and shipping solutions to Bahrain and many worldwide destinations, providing cost-efficient one-stop services to car buyers, car dealers, parallel importers and traders.

Are you looking to import a vehicle to Bahrain?

Berlin Motors, in association with global shippers, can arrange for the safe and secure delivery of your vehicle to Bahrain, and many worldwide destinations.

In addition to arranging for vehicle relocation and importation to Bahrain, as a licensed car dealer and exporter, Berlin Motors can help you with every step of the car buying process – from negotiating the best dealer price, verifying vehicle and seller information to VIP Car Checks, Homologation Services and much more.

Need a fast quote for Car Shipping to Bahrain?

Request a quote for car shipping to Bahrain – Your request will be processed within 1 business day and will include transport import duties and TÜV consistence, if applicable. Quotes for eBay, dealer or private seller car buying, escrow services, car transport & shipping services to Bahrain and many other worldwide destinations are just a click away, with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Read on below for more information on car shipping services to Bahrain.

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Request a Quote for Car Shipping to Bahrain Services

Shipping a car to Bahrain from the USA can be arranged by Air, Sea, Sea-Air & Rail.

Berlin Motors can assist with complete car shipping to Bahrain, or anywhere worldwide. We coordinate unloading and customs clearance at destination.

We can arrange for delivery of your car to the nearest Bahrain port, including:

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    Port of Mina Salman
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    Port of Sitra
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Berlin Motors, in cooperation with global car shippers, will ship your vehicle from Miami, Jacksonville, New York, Houston, Los Angeles & Oakland, California to Bahrain or any destination in the world.

We offer complete car shipping and buying services at all our locations, with direct office service to Bahrain and many worldwide destinations from Berlin, Duisburg, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Dalian, China. We also provide storage service until your car is ready to be shipped.

Our car transport and logistics services include:

Multi-Container & Consolidated Shipping, Air Freight Auto Transport, Expedited Air Cargo Solutions, and Ocean Auto Transport.

Contact us online to get started or find out more about our Vehicle Shipping and Transportation Services to Bahrain.

Offering fast door-to-door shipping including:

  • 24 Hour Online Tracking System
  • Secure, Bonded & Insured Facilities
  • Modern Car Shipping Service
  • Certified Vehicle Inspections

We offer the most competitive auto shipping rates to Bahrain and many worldwide destinations thanks to volume discounts via our shipping partners.

Getting Started Shipping a Car to Bahrain

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    Found the vehicle of your dreams or have a car buying and shipping question? We offer expert vehicle transport & shipping services to Bahrain and many worldwide destinations. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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    Select one of our convenient service options for car shipping to Bahrain. Shipping a car to Bahrain from the USA can be arranged by Air, Sea, Sea-Air & Rail. We also deal with contract processing, eBay settlement or even contact the seller on your behalf here in the US.
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    Once you’ve requested a quote, we guarantee a response within 24 hours. Upon quote approval, we’ll arrange to import and deliver your vehicle from the USA to Bahrain. We offer complete car shipping and buying services at all our locations, and can also provide storage service until your car is ready to be shipped.

Import Taxes Payable When Shipping a Car to Bahrain from the USA

If you’re importing a vehicle to Bahrain for personal use, you’ll have to comply with any provisions that apply to imports.

When importing a car into Bahrain, some of the duties you’ll have to pay on the vehicle are:

  • Customs Duty: 5% of the value in cost, insurance, and freight (CIF)

These are some of the charges applied when importing a vehicle to Bahrain from the US, for the most accurate pricing information, request a quote. Our agents will get you an accurate estimate within twenty four hours.

Documentation Needed to Ship a Car to Bahrain from the USA

Berlin Motors can help you gather all necessary documentation and assist with customs processing.

When importing a motor vehicle to Bahrain from the USA some of the documentation you’ll need includes:

  • Proof of value (invoice with payment confirmation, purchase agreement)
  • Import declaration

Learn more about importing a vehicle to Bahrain at Bahrain Customs.

Import Vehicle Approval in Bahrain

Vehicle imports into Bahrain from the USA may have to meet certain requirements before exporting the vehicle from the states. Berlin Motors offers professional TÜV conversion and homologation services for vehicle imports into Bahrain. Upon request, Berlin Motors customers enjoy a One Stop complete service, starting from the purchase of the vehicle in the US – land transport – shipping overseas – conversion and door to door delivery.

Bahrain Vehicle Import Options

This information is meant as a guide only, there may not be an import option that will suit each individual or vehicle in each specific situation. Berlin Motors can assist you in selecting a vehicle import option and making sure you meet all Bahrain import approval conditions.

Your vehicle may qualify for import under one of these options:

  • Personal Import
  • Bahrain Plated Vehicles
  • Letter of Compliance
  • Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Exhibition Vehicles
  • Non-Road Vehicles
  • Vehicles in Transit
  • New Vehicles
  • Temporary Import

Container Car Shipping Service to Bahrain

Berlin Motors with our authorized partners, loads vehicle via a modern loading system that uses metal lifts in the container, and cars only get strapped by the wheels. This provides vehicles more space in the container and minimizes the risk of damage. Multiple vehicles are loaded into a single container, ensuring fast delivery times and reduced shipping costs.

We utilize this car loading rack system from the USA to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We also use this system for car shipments from Manama, Bahrain to wherever your final destination is, when you opt for our Door-to-Door Shipping Service. Berlin Motors assists project customers to select the best shipping solution.

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VIP Car Check & Inspection Services

Buy vehicles online securely with our VIP Car Check – Berlin Motors can arrange for onsite inspections within the United States, Canada, and Dubai to give you an independent second opinion, and verify if the car is as described by the seller.

Purchase Your Vehicle Inspection Online Now.

Vehicle Inventory & Car Buying Services

Berlin Motors Logistics has a large network of car dealers to help you find your vehicle. We can then arrange for shipping to Bahrain or any destination in the world.

Can't find the vehicle your searching for? We also perform world-wide vehicle searches and can even find cars that are coming up to auction.

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